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Driver Tracer

The Swing Tracer is a great swing evaluator and swing teacher. The, Swing Tracer gives you the opportunity to practice at home, golf range, etc. It will give you instant feedback on your swing.

The Tracer is a lot of fun to swing on and here is how it works

  1. The Tracer has six tracks that measure the path of your club.
  2. The tracks are adjustable by simply unscrewing the golf ball on top of the tracks. •
  3. Move the tracks to the slot (3-slots on each track) that you want to determine the distance you want between the tracks.
  4. There are 21 different adjustments you can make.

Once you set your tracks to measure your swing path, you can now begin to swing the club of your choice, Pitching Wedge through 3 Wood.

You can learn more about your swing by swinging without a ball. When you swing through the Tracer without a ball you feel so relaxed without the pressure of hitting the ball and you can develop a swing habit that will make you a more confident golfer. When you swing on the Tracer you can also practice a lot of new swing techniques you read about or see on the Golf Channel.

I will say this over and over to you. Don't underestimate the Tracer, it will help your game so much if you will just swing on iteach day. Remember you can swing on the Tracer anytime you have a few extra minutes and its great exercise.

Another great way to improve your game is get a left handed club if you are right handed or right handed club if you are left handed and take several swings each day on either side of the Swing Tracer. This will help your rhythm and make your swing muscles stronger and it will help you hit the ball straighter and greater distances. It will also help create better body balance and muscle tone. It's also great exercise that could help you and your family with weight problems too thin or too heavy.

Remember swing on a Tracer every day to make your golf game better in every way.

Driver Tracer
Instruction Guide

To convert the Red Tracks to the Driver Tracer Blue Tracks simply unscrew the golf balls on top of the Red Tracks and replace with Blue Tracks.

The Driver Tracer has 21 different swing settings. Set the tracks to match your desired swing challenge.

The Driver Tracer is fun to swing on with or without a ball. It lets you feel . your swing and the tracks show you what you are doing right or wrong.

Swing on the Tracer everyday and the distance your .drives .go will amaze you and your driver accuracy will impress you.

Swing Tracer for Iron/Fairway – No Turf

• Lets you take a divot.
• Shows swing path.
• Shows club face angle.
• Tracks adjust to any club head size.
• Shows sweet spot each swing.
• Shipping $29.95
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